Friday, April 18, 2008

French School Violence: Mother Assaults Teacher

You know it's a tough neighborhood when the students' mothers come to school and start beating up on the teachers.

My translation of the story as it appeared in the online version of the French paper Le Dauphine:

Assault in Gironde: hit by student's mother

Originally, [the teacher] wanted to explain to the mother that her child had insulted her. As things turned out, this female teacher from Georges-Leygues, in Pessac (Gironde) was assaulted by the mom.

The incident took place Tuesday after the end of classes. The teacher had first invited the student's parent to enter [the school], but the mother stopped in the courtyard. "She started to insult her, then physically attacked her" with her fists, according to the principal. The result: a broken rib. In a state of shock, she was held for observation until Wednesday, the beginning of the holidays. The Republic's prosecutor explained yesterday that "the suspect admitted her involvement but gave a different version than that of the accuser."

The instructor, in her forties, pressed charges. The principal added that she herself had already brought compaints [against the parent] for violence, threats and insults from encounters with the mother a year ago.

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