Friday, April 11, 2008

Important Message from the Muslim Canadian Congress

Wednesday, we wondered at the Ontario Human Rights Council decision to declare 1) that they did not have jurisdiction to try Mark Steyn and Maclean's magazine for hate speech; but 2) that they know Steyn and Maclean's are guilty, racist Islamophobic bastards anyway.

I suggested that this bizarre approach to the law exemplified "left dhimmi fascism", Dag's favorite term.

Now comes news that it may not have been dhimmi fascists but real-to-goodness Sharia loving ones behind the OHRC decision.

In the words of the Muslim Canadian Congress:
OTTAWA—The Muslim Canadian Congress has welcomed the decision by the Ontario Human Rights Commission not to proceed with complaints filed against Maclean’s magazine related to an article where the Canadian Islamic Congress had alleged that the magazine had violated their human rights.

However, the MCC is disappointed that the OHRC become the virtual organ of Canada’s Islamist organizations and that it has taken sides in the bitter struggle within Canada’s Muslim community where sharia-supporting Islamists are pitted against liberal and secular Muslims.

In a statement, the Vice President of the MCC, Salma Siddiqui said, the OHRC decision had the finger prints of its pro-Islamist commissioners who have close association with the Canadian Islamic Congress. It is not just the commissioners, but we have reason to believe that there are staff on the OHRC that support sharia law and endorse the CIC’s positions.

Had the OHRC restricted itself to the legality of the issue, the MCC would have no prob-lem with its decision. But in editorializing and coming out to bat for Canada’s Islamists, the OHRC is sending a very dangerous message to moderate Muslims who reject Sharia and do not take inspiration from overseas Islamic countries or groups.

On the one hand the OHRC criticizes Macleans for “portraying Muslims as all sharing the same negative characteristics,” but then does the same thing by perpetuating the Islamist myth that Muslims in Canada are a persecuted group. Those of us Muslims who do not share this addiction of victimhood, seem to have no resonance with the OHRC.

The MCC finds it shameful that the OHRC would use Islamist supplied information in a blog discussion that called for “the mass killing, deportation or conversion of Muslim Canadians” and position it as reflective of the view of media and ordinary Canadians.

The OHRC decision must be cause for celebration in Osama Bin Laden's cave and among the soldiers of the world Jihadi movement that love to spread the falsehood that Canada is at war with Islam and that Muslims in Canada live under a cloud of racism and persecution. Nothing can be further from the truth.
(HT Catfur)

So don't be dismissive next time someone tells you that Canada and Western countries have already institutionalized aspects of the oppressive Sharia law. It's what happens when we fall for the "human rights" world view, and forget about real human rights.

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