Monday, April 21, 2008

It takes a village (because an entire country wouldn't stand for it...)

Edward Michael George: The Ministry of Love:
Of all the revelations to have come out of the MacLean's/Steyn/ Levant business, I find this to be the most horrifying by far.
...Well, that's the kind of effect it seems Barbara "human rights commissioner" Hall is having on all kinds of people. The photo of Hall accompanying the National Post story quoting her vile mission statement, was alone enough to set off a spike in passport applications, and inflate real estate prices in the free state of Arkansas by four percent, or so speculates a friend in the know.

But John Pacheco has a contender in the most horrifying revelation contest. After all, Hall is but a provincial boob/exorcist, in the manner of the true Toronto, the once aptly labelled "Belfast of Canada". Hall all too blatantly takes it upon herself to save the country from our racial and religious evils, and she blows extravagantly public about her heroic work. If she had her way, I dare say she'd ban the Loyal Orange Association and the Catholic church. I know it all sounds archaic, of things belonging in another era, but that's our point. Too much publicity will sink this racist ship.

Yet the true banality of evil, so banal and once hidden in bureaucratic backwaters that we're hesitant to remark, lest appearances deceive our somewhat innocent minds, not sure if the damning loss of governmental integrity, well displayed elsewhere amidst this unfolding "human rights" travesty, this historical shame on Canadian public life, is really all there in the strings of evidence Pacheco weaves together . The evidence is quite suggestive, but in need of proper questioning by a duly established commission of investigation, with subpoena powers. Nonetheless, I fear the shagginess of our "human rights" emperor's dress is clarified by Ezra Levant's re-presentation of the evidence.

It is now for Canadians to decide the hue of the shag. To this end, I commend your attention to Mark Steyn's fundraiser for the Freedom Five. Only in courts of law, with all sides duly lawyered, might our need for greater truth be served. God knows our politicians have so far proven largely too cowardly to stand up and openly investigate the "human rights" empire, this string of Potemkin villages standing in for a lost but yet salvageable civilization.


Dag said...

Thanks to you posting that racist photo it looks like we're all going down together. Oh well, someone someday might notice a ripple and think of us.

"Freed of its gatekeeper role, the commission will be allowed to bring complaints on its own initiative to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, even without individual complainants. It can also intervene in specific complaints if they involves wider issues."

I wonder if we'll be seeing the HRC lots down there with us. I think those who can't dredge up a moment's self-reflection are doomed to be sucked under by the tides of change. What's with these people? How can they be so fanatical and self-obsessed by their own missionary Gnostic zeal that they haven't even got a speck of self-preservation left in them?

OK, I'll admit I love this. Nothing suits me finer these days than watching the self-immolation of Leftists.

"I would say that for a province as large and as diverse as Ontario, to have 2,500 formal complaints a year, that that's a very low level," the activist lawyer and former mayor of Toronto said. In the long term she would like to see human rights complaints decrease, but in the interim they "may have to spike."

This is just as good as Santa coming with presents. I have before me a perfect example of Stalinism, and the lady who serves it up has not a clue what she's just given me. I'm laughing.

Dag said...

Way past my bed-time but those links were worth it. The Styne tee-shirt rocks!

truepeers said...

Choose your t-shirt; i will be making an order soon.

If we work really hard, we can put a human rights smile on every face.

Toronto realtor said...

Very nice post. Thank you for posting it. I've read through all the link and it took me quite lot time but it was worth. This can not be forgotten.

Dag said...

I have a friend in corporate real estate who refuses to grasp the personal significance of the general problem we face as one particular to his earnings.

If millets, i.e. Muslim ghettos, spread across a city, then the price of real estate goes down, as do investment opportunities and building potential in at least the relative short term. Look, for example, at the Netherlands, where the net population is shrinking due to native Dutch, emigrating and taking with them social capital to nations outside the millet system. Do they go to Toronto? Not as a rule. They go instead to places where it's better to make a living, such as Texas, ja.

But my friend in the insurance business does get it because his 'multi-national corporation has had to pay out vast fortunes thanks to jihad activities across Britain.

It's a pocket book issue, if nothing else. If we cannot discuss this in public, then we face a loss of income, real and potential, that hurts not just us as individuals but all of us in a connected marketplace. Free speech is a financial issue.

If I were an investment banker like another friend, I'd be freaking out big time. In fact, I'd be going to work in a tee-shirt, one of a growing number of very cool ones, indeed.

truepeers said...

thanks TR,

can't hurt to write a quick note to Dalton McGuinty telling him how you feel.


Tejas? it's the Orange free state of Arkansas where you'll find the New Amsterdam. Just ask any realtor on the ground, they're usually the first to know!

Dag said...

New Amsterdam of Orange Free-County, State of Arkansas is looking from here like Paradise. Some realtor is going to be smiling.