Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rehmat: Jew or Muslim?

Weird things are afoot in the blogosphere.

First, Jay Currie announces he is filing a complain against Rehmat with the Human Rights Commission, for Rehmat's antisemitic rants.

Second, as Catfur notes, a post briefly appears on Rehmat's blog, announcing his conversion to Judaism. It's then taken down.

No doubt some holy struggles are going on somewhere somehow. Mysterious ways...


Dag said...

we're all beheading in the same direction vis a vis Islam: Penalwards.

Till we enact some vigorous civil disobedience and let the world know we won't stand for this Left dhimmi fascism, then of course the the fascist will continue to act against us. That's the way of things: Competition from whatever successful vantage. Push and they will fall. But who to push, where, and how?

Rehmat: God's blessing. A misnomer, methinketh.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

It is truly a miracle. We are so blessed that Rehmat has seen the light.

Anonymous said...

Nyeth - Rehmat never converted to Talmudic homicidal cult. It was Kenneth the BS from Time Immorial, who infiltrated Rehmat's blog and posted his Zionist lie. Naturally, his Talmudic filth was delted.


truepeers said...


Anonymous, are you not aware that we will not see your comment as anything other than hate mongering? there will be no brownie points for ironic cuteness, as you haven't a clue what irony really is. You are just plain vile. Are you unaware that your writing reveals you to be a rather uneducated person, one who can only hurt his faith's image in the eyes of the kaffir?

A person who hates Jews is destined to live an angry, confused, worthless, dangerous life. The Jew hater is at war with God. History is full of the proofs of the many failures of Judeophobes. Clearly your own life is so far a failure. And no amount of hating and killing will redeem you, but will only send you deeper into the hole of ignorance. Do you have the courage to see this and free yourself from your hate, or will you listen to the fools who preach that hate for the kaffir is truth?

Until you become a moral adult, piss off!

Dag said...

I couldn't bring myself to comment in response to the fool above, 'Peers; but I wanted to. Glad I didn't. You put it proper.