Monday, April 28, 2008

More Human Rights Commission Lawsuits

SteynOnline - Serener than thou tries humorously to clarify the ever expanding picture for those suffering info overload. But for those fighting these suits, wondering if we can any longer afford free speech, it can't be a great day. Help them out if you can.

Also, on the HRC front, Jay Currie has some interesting thoughts on Warren Kinsella whom I didn't know was a fan of Lenin.
The idea of a secret police - a Cheka - charged with examining the purity of Canadians’ thoughts would be anathema to most Canadians; but not to an avowed admirer of the inventor of the Cheka.

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jaycurrie said...

Thanks for the link. The Lying Jackal has long had his admiration for our boy Lenin on his site. There are a lot of screen shots as it explains so much.