Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Canadian fascism clarified

We previously discussed (here and here) the case of Chris Kempling, the school teacher whose job is under attack simply because of the political and religious-anthopological opinions he holds in the writing and political work he does outside of school.

Now, Mr. Kempling has a piece in the National Post where he clarifies the facts of his case. It seems that if you hold to the received wisdom of 3000 years of Judeo-Christian thinking on (male) homosexuality, the self-righteous Utopians of the "progressive" New World Order are confident they can get you fired from public school teaching.

If Canadians who respect freedom of thought, speech, and conscience don't fight back against the fascist forces now entrenched in many of our public institutions, it only remains to ask, how long will the self-righteous Christophobes presently running the pubic schools and teaching professions stand up to Muslims demanding an end to pro-homosexual teachings? If the recent experience of Bristol, England is any indication, about 30 seconds (ht: Catfur). Is that a fair sign of the staying power and moral courage of those who pretend to hold as unquestionable the "truths" about homosexuality that have become politically correct for only a couple of decades now? ...the staying power of those who are so confident in the rightness of their view that they refuse to have it tested and strengthened by free debate?

Those who would protect homosexual freedoms had better make their first priority to protect a free society. Funny thing is, protecting both is exactly what Kempling says he has been doing. But then he's one of those Christians, don't you know...

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